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We measure trips in experiences, not miles. So, we invite you to choose from a collection of destinations and exclusive hotels around the world.



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Travelling goes beyond a place on the map or a landscape, travelling is finding the place that will always stay within you. We call this the “Experience Collection”, and we accompany it with the best destinations in which to indulge in unforgettable experiences.

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Don’t just be a traveller, be a Collector

We are collectors of experiences, of emotions, from the smallest and simplest details to the greatness of the unexpected. What do you want to live on your next trip?

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An exclusive collection

If you are looking for authenticity and exclusivity in all your travel destinations, you will find it in our selection of hotels: The Prestige Collection 

At The Prestige Collection, we believe that exclusivity is the ability to choose the experience tailored to each one of us. So, we offer you a collection of the best and most prestigious hotels scattered around the globe, adapted to you, to what you seek to find in each moment and in each trip.

Tell us what you want to experience and we will reveal the place to enjoy it: be it in a wellness hotel, with award-winning chefs who prepare culinary delights, with sports facilities, in unrepeatable locations, in spaces where you can organize a professional meeting, hotels committed to the environment or in paradisiacal resorts… at each and every one of our hotels, your stay will become a unique experience thanks to its quality and authenticity.

We go beyond prestige and excellence: we seek authenticity to offer you an extraordinary experience at each of your destinations

Creating unforgettable experiences in exceptional hotels around the world. – The
essence of The Prestige Collection

There are many occasions in which the finest details make the world of difference: exclusive attention, a welcome gesture, information tailored exactly to your tastes, a moment created especially for you...

In The Prestige Collection by Hotusa Group, we take the most authentic and genuine high-end hotels and we add value to them, offering you a collection of unique and exclusive hotels for you so that you can choose what you want to experience in each moment.

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