Live it all

Exquisite details, serene luxury and vibrant experiences in settings of opulent beauty. It is the art of turning the singular into the extraordinary.

Urban and dynamic, wild and untamed, exquisite and tranquil: whatever the destination, nothing beats the emotion of enjoying a hotel that evokes the authenticity of its surroundings.

A new world

Arriving at a new hotel is surely the most exciting part of the journey. We know how to give an unequivocally exceptional welcome. It is the prelude to all the good things to come.

The right location

The choice of destination may be planned or unexpected, but our hotels are always in the right place: where the unusual, the familiar and the exclusive come together as the starting point for your dream trip.

The journey has a beginning and an end. Its evocation, however, is eternal and captivating.

Collecting emotions

It's not just about travelling. It is challenging our sensory capacity through the scenery, its smells and sounds, its delicacies and textures. In the right hotel, every stay becomes a collection of evocative memories.


Each Prestige Collection hotel is focused on providing experiences that exceed our guests' expectations, transform their essence and create the perfect stay.

Paradise of wellbeing and relaxation
Special events
Gourmet experience
Exclusive resorts

Wellness Collection

Hotels to disconnect, meditate and live each moment to the full. In inspiring surroundings to uplift the soul and reconnect the body with nature.

Events Collection

Every event deserves to be unique, unrepeatable and differential. Finding the right hotel to celebrate it, where every detail matters and the organisation is exquisite, guarantees its success.

Gourmet Collection

It is impossible to dissociate the trip from its gastronomic memories. Our hotels have exclusive restaurants to discover the best of creative cuisine and the most authentic local dishes.

Resorts Collection

Intimacy and exclusivity in dreamlike locations. The Prestige Collection Resorts offer a holistic experience of attention, privacy and freedom for the most demanding travellers.

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