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We measure trips in experiences, not miles. So, we invite you to choose from a collection of destinations and exclusive hotels around the world.



Cosmopolitan Vibes

Take me to my Cosmopolitan Vibes

Cities to explore on foot, cities that may seem to have nothing and yet contain everything, cities in which to immerse yourself in history, art, the most avant-garde trends or to make the night the best time of day. Feeling like a global citizen is our favourite hobby.

Don’t just be a traveller, be a Collector

We are collectors of experiences, of emotions, from the smallest and simplest details to the greatness of the unexpected. What do you want to live on your next trip?

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Cities to be lived

The precise corner where its present and past coexist, knowing where to drink the best coffee in town, where to find that limited edition that encapsulates the essence of the city, that place with a unique sunset... discovering the secrets of a city makes you part of it forever.

Whether you are traveling with an itinerary or prefer to get carried away, we take you to live in cities that are made and unmade every day, in constant movement, that set the latest trends and that at the same time, cannot be understood without their centennial history. Walking, getting lost, discovering what you’ll never find in any guide... we cannot imagine a better way to discover a new city.

It is not on the map or in the guides of your new favourite city, only by travelling it, by living it, can you discover its charisma.

The immense pleasure of waking up in a different city, of having all day to be surprised, conquer and marvel at every corner.


A song, an aroma, an exhibition, a unique building. We all have something that teleports us to cities among whose streets and places we have lost ourselves with no clear direction on a trip. We have all wanted to feel like a local in a different city, to live an authentic experience that can only be felt in a place if we truly live it.

Change your perspective, air, surroundings and even your language, feel the mix of cultures and a new way of seeing life. Take a bus and not know where to get off, look at a map and not know where to start walking, improvise on any night, find your way and follow it even if you’ve no idea where it is going... these are sensations that can only be lived through travel.

We believe we are going to make a journey, but right away it is the journey that makes us


Hotels for enjoying the city

Places that are an invitation to get lost among their streets, to discover pockets of unexpected beauty around the corner or to make unique discoveries. Yes, there are still cities where the power to enchant travellers never sleeps.