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By the sea

Take me to my By the sea

The warm, fine sand between your toes as you stroll along the shore next to your hotel, sleep every night to the sound of the waves swaying in the distance or open your eyes and see the endless turquoise horizon. Why wait for tomorrow to live it?

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Life in the sea is the best life

No one knows exactly what it is. Perhaps it’s the magnetism, the rhythmic lapping of the waves or the different shades of blue and turquoise fusing with a seemingly endlessly horizon Everything about it conspires so that the world in which we live stands still before its calm. The sea always changes you, renews you, captivates you and enchants you.

Observe it from the white sand and feel part of its colourful natural beauty or let it flow over you, notice how each part of you relaxes among the tides and that the only thing that matters is this moment between its transparent waters, that sun that illuminates you and gifts you a golden sparkling path to its fine sandy shore.

Close your eyes and let your thoughts gently rock with each wave that comes and goes. In the sea, you don't need a map to find that place of calm and serenity to which you can escape.

Mangata, a Swedish word with no translation into other languages, means the reflection left by the moonlight on the water.


The warm light, the unspoiled greenery that approaches until it merges with the shore, its aroma of rock and salt, the bright emerald and turquoise tones of waters that kiss the horizon in the distance, the cliffs, the lonely lighthouses, the islets...

No matter how many times we stand before it, we are always impressed to see the sea. In all its possible forms and states: that immensity, that calm and strength that the sea transmits amplify and bring to the surface our deepest thoughts, how we really feel at the moment the tides kiss our feet and the sand hides beneath them.

Sink your feet into the sand and lose yourself in the beauty of the sea, that is freedom


Sea-Flavoured Hotels

Arrive at your room with salty skin, get comfortable and listen to the sound of the waves that gently awaken you every morning while you feel the sea breeze. We could live 365 days of the year like this.