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We measure trips in experiences, not miles. So, we invite you to choose from a collection of destinations and exclusive hotels around the world.



Unique Spots

Take me to my Unique Spots

There is something special about them. It may be that their architecture, design or beauty leaves you breathless at first glance or their magic may not be immediately clear, but history and art of the highest level are nestled in each corner.

Don’t just be a traveller, be a Collector

We are collectors of experiences, of emotions, from the smallest and simplest details to the greatness of the unexpected. What do you want to live on your next trip?

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In search of singularity

Follow in the footsteps of art history, of the legend of the Paris suite where Hemingway stayed, sleep in the same bed as The Beatles or wake up slowly in an avant-garde architectural and design environment. Hotels in which books have been written, the world has been revolutionized and borders have been redrawn. They have laughed and dreamed, but, above all, they have lived.

In them, it is easy to feel part of this place, its history and its unique character from the very first moment. Unparalleled stays thanks to their surroundings, their past, their design, the views, and the authenticity... thousands of options to choose your destination and all of them are extraordinary.

There is always magic between walls that have seen centuries and centuries of life, that change our perspective of architecture or where history has been written.

There are people with a special magic and there are places where the same thing happens.


They say that our senses have the power to teleport us in time. A scent, a sound or an image can take us back to a moment of the past. That same feeling will be yours when you walk through the door of your hotel or your room or contemplate the views from your window:

Travel to the colonial era through white facades, verandas and lounges, to the glamour of cinema, art and literature that hides among the halls, stairways and hallways of the hotel or have your breath taken away by the exoticism and strength of the landscape. Arrive and simply let yourself be inspired.

If something good happens to you, travel to celebrate. If something bad happens to you, travel to forget. If nothing happens to you, travel for something to happen


Hotels in unique surroundings

The mixture of avant-garde and tradition, the elegant minimalism of every corner, waking up in a Tuscan palace... a place to stay is much more than just spending the night, designed so that every minute in them is an experience in of itself.