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/ Toledo


A city of multiple cultures

Surrounded by the River Tagus and standing on a hill, Toledo - capital of Castilla-La Mancha – is a fortress town that once gave shelter to Christian, Jewish and Moorish cultures, a fusion that encouraged the Toledo School of Translators to flourish.

Thanks to this cultural wealth, Toledo contains churches, mosques and synagogues, and the city was catalogued as World Heritage in 1986.

Austere palaces, magical squares and steep, narrow, winding side streets; these are just some of the outstanding attractions in Toledo. Amongst the most outstanding monuments in the city is Toledo Cathedral, built on the site of the main mosque.

For its part, the Alcázar, which was built in Roman times and was also used as a fortress by Visigoths and Moors, has become a symbol of the city. Plaza del Zocodover is a key meeting point for locals and visitors alike, and an excellent spot for picking up such typical souvenirs of the city as marzipan, damascene jewellery and famous Toledo steel swords.

Finally, Toledo’s proximity to Madrid means that this outstanding destination is well-communicated and easy to reach.

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