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The history and architecture of the building have been strictly respected in its restoration into a hotel. The outcome has been an especially charming hotel with all the facilities and services demanded by today’s traveller in a really beautiful setting where to enjoy peace and quiet.

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These rooms are located in Casa Palacio, San Perfecto and Casa de los Baños. They are spacious rooms that each offer different views, including some of the mosque's bell tower, the cathedral's dome, the Caliphate baths and our extensive patios.

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Junior Suite

Junior Suites are located in Casa de San Eulogio and Mudéjar, and offer views of the Caliphate baths and the Mudéjar patio. These are the most exclusive and most spacious rooms. There are two different areas in each suite: the living room and the bedroom. Both areas have a full, independent bathroom. The use of wood in these suites stands out and maintains the hotel's classic style.

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These rooms have 2 beds, satellite TV, desk, accessible windows, minibar, safe, shower unit and separate shower, magnifying mirror, hair dryer and personal care products.

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These rooms are distributed throughout the hotel. They all have carefully decorated classic interiors, with the headboards (made using an embossed leather technique) being the most important element in each room. The furniture in our rooms is decorated with gold leaf.

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Tomas Conde, 10

Cordoba, Spain

37.88 ºN / -4.78 ºE