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Formerly known as the Palacio de la Vedruna, the Hotel Claris is one of the most outstanding five-star hotels in Barcelona. The building, in the Catalan capital’s Eixample district, opened as a hotel in 1992, conserving the front of the old 19th-century palace. The interior is a universe in itself, featuring decorative elements combining classical and contemporary art, avant-garde and tradition: pre-Columbian pieces, Egyptian carvings, Turkish kilims, Indian sculptures, Roman mosaics dating to the 5th century and even original lithographs by Andy Warhol.

/ Rooms


40 m² rooms that combine antique furniture, Hindu sculptures and twentieth-century Catalan Modernist art.

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44 to 54 m² split-level rooms that feature a sitting area and toilet in the lower level and a bedroom and a complete marble bathroom in the upper level.

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Two floors with living room and a bedroom area at different levels. The bed boards are made of hardwood.

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Decorated with fine quality materials and a unique work of pre-Columbian art inside. They can accommodate up to three persons under request.

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Modern rooms where art, design and functionality combine perfectly.

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Exclusive two-story room with living area, bedroom, sauna and special VIP services. Decorated with unique pieces of art that include a nineteenth-century Chinese dress.

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Divided into two diferent areas. They can accommodate up to three persons on request.

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Completely renovated, including bathrooms, and divided into two comfortable spaces with differing levels.

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/ Servicios

Besides a magnificent art collection, with outstanding works adorning all the rooms, the Hotel Clarisalso houses three restaurants: the East 47 Restaurant Barcelona, where diners can enjoy the most contemporary cuisine whilst gazing at original lithographs by Andy Warhol. La Terraza del Claris on the hotel roof, with unrivalled views over the city, where live music and fine cocktails make the night vibrate; and, finally, the Restaurante Claris, perfect for celebrations of all kinds.

/ Spaces

The Hotel Claris has a number of 27 to 200 m² modular function rooms that can host anywhere from 12 to 200 guests

Each of the hotel’s function rooms—the Claris, Vedruna, Keops, Design, and the Egyptian Museum—is exquisitely decorated and fitted out with top-of-the-line services that can be tailored to any meeting or function.

Pau Clarís, 150

Barcelona, Spain

41.39 ºN / 2.17 ºE