Vidago Palace Hotel

Parque de Vidago/ Apartado 16 / 5425 - 307 VIDAGO

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Vidago Palace Hotel guarantees its guests excellence in service and distinguished refinement.

/ Rooms


Cosy rooms with two double or twin beds for two people.

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Extremely comfortable and spacious rooms, available with twin or King Size beds.


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Elegant rooms with natural light that will make your stay an unforgettable trip.

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Garden Deluxe

These charming rooms are connected to offer a unique and private space.

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The privilege rooms provide a view and perfect atmosphere of the outside of the hotel to enjoy the best views of Vidago.

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Junior Suite

Magnificent and exclusive rooms with stunning views of the park and the mountains.

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Spacious, luxurious and quiet spaces for you to enjoy an unbeatable stay.

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Grand Suite

Inspiradas en el tema de la naturaleza, las Grand Suites de Vidago Palace Hotel tienen papel de seda De Gournay en las paredes con motivos florales a gran escala.

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/ Servicios

Our facilities guarantee a unique and exclusive atmosphere in which guests can enjoy unbeatable days in Vidago.

/ Spaces

The Vidago Palace Hotel conference centre has 7 meeting rooms, an auditorium with 264 seats with excellent acoustic performance and a lounge bar

Parque de Vidago/ Apartado 16 / 5425 - 307 VIDAGO

Vidago, Portugal

41.64 ºN / -7.58 ºE