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The shooting star, the four-leaf clover, the dandelion, the crossed fingers... Here at Prestige, we believe in the luck of being in the right place at the right time.

So, we create a collection of exclusive hotels in selected places and cities around the world that exceed all expectations, that are extraordinary and that resonate with a client who does not want more of the same.

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We are inspirers of experiences, of memories that can only be created at our selected accommodation. We are pioneers in moving from what our hotels have to what our customers need from every moment and journey. Making each traveller feel special is our specialty.

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Reaching an oasis in the middle of the desert: this is how everyone who chooses our collection of experiences feels about their next trip.

The Prestige Collection is born from the experience and soundness of a large hotel group like Hotusa and the experience acquired over the years, of seeing how the traveller is changing: now it is not only the destination we seek, but real experiences, how a destination makes us feel and not just what we see.

So, we create a collection of high quality experiences and customization through our hotels, which stand out for their capacity to offer a unique experience personalized to each traveller lives in the moment. This is how we understand true luxury.

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