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We measure trips in experiences, not miles. So, we invite you to choose from a collection of destinations and exclusive hotels around the world.



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Carry your senses further in each new place. If you see your trip as an opportunity to experience unique cities and flavours, we know where and how to live it. Discover hotels, culinary treasures and experiences that taste extraordinary.

Don’t just be a traveller, be a Collector

We are collectors of experiences, of emotions, from the smallest and simplest details to the greatness of the unexpected. What do you want to live on your next trip?

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Discover the world through its recipes

It is right there, in each dish, in the fine details, aromas, flavours, textures and surprising combinations, it is the essence of the places we visit. Tangy, spicy, sweet, based on local products and the result of a fusion of different cultures.

Travelling is also about finding new sensations through the unique and special cuisine of each place. Destinations where flavours and aromas become the stars. Let your palate lead you through different cultures, distinct traditions, preparation, recipes and ingredients that each cuisine combines in their dishes.

Find a new favourite flavour, let the nuances of a local wine seduce you or travel far and wide to discover the magic of that chef.

Fill your memories and palate with unrepeatable sensations. Its flavours, the best kept secret of your destination.

- Josep Pla

The waiter approaches and places the plate on the table. The second hand ticks slowly. When you contemplate it, you cannot help being absorbed by the ingredients arranged in harmony. From it, comes a delicious aroma that you will carry with you forever in the suitcase of memories of your trip.

Accompany it with a wine that you could not try anywhere else, enjoy the taste of new dishes, combine sweet-savoury-spicy-and-that-nuance-that-nobody-has-named-yet and find culinary treasures that don't feature in any guide, but have suddenly become one of those unforgettable moments.

The cuisine of a country is its landscape put in a pot


Hotels in which to savour life

Sit at the table and let each new dish surprise you, awakening your senses in every bite. Exclusivity, gastronomy and unique ingredients are the recipe for success at these venues, where the most authentic flavours become your travel companions.