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Authenticity: our guide

Hotels of adventurous nature, cosmopolitan spirit, where time seems to stop or where to take the pulse of history.

Because Prestige Hotels are not just accommodation for exclusivity, luxury and excellence lovers. Prestige is everything you are looking for in each trip: sometimes calm and tranquillity, at other times living adventures and enjoying new things, sometimes losing yourself on a virtually unknown island and at other times enjoying your destination like a local. Because true exclusivity is being able to choose the experience tailored to you.

Prestige About

A unique experience, a hotel in which to live it.

We believe in the value of the unique and genuine and so, here at The Prestige Collection, we create unforgettable stays in exceptional hotels around the world, which not only stand out for their comfort and exclusivity, but for being part – in every detail – of the experience that every traveller wants to live.

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One trip, a before and after

There is magic in the capacity that a journey has to change us, to make us experience extraordinary sensations and emotions that remain within the traveller and in their memory for years to come. The Prestige Collection is created for you, for those who, on the other side of the world or in the country next door, know that travelling is not just about covering kilometres, but immersing themselves in endless unique and distinct experiences.

Happiness Curators

More than just Prestige Collection people that accompany you during your stay; they are co-creators of everything that makes our accommodation something unique and genuine.

Going all the way means being accompanied by people who share the same passion and desire: to make each day of the year something extraordinary for each of our guests.

8h places to sleep, 24h places to live that experience.

Making you feel at home, taking care of every detail, discovering that place that will make you a native of that city for a few hours, designing the day tailored to what you want to remember... the value of a trip is not just in what or where but also in whom, in all those people at The Prestige Collection that help you make it unforgettable.

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